Design-Build Construction

NOREAS offers full-service engineering design and construction services for remediation as well as clean construction projects. NOREAS is a licensed, general engineering and construction contractor with a bonding capability of up to $15 million. Our design team of civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers provide horizontal and vertical design services for both new construction, as well as renovation and upgrading of existing infrastructure. Our team has the in-house capabilities for providing design-build and construction services for buildings, roads, subgrade preparation, foundations, sewer and water conveyance systems, as well as building abatement and demolition. Our senior staff represent clients (as Owner’s Representative or Resident Engineer) on construction project sites, providing oversight over field activities, performing quality control of construction work, reporting on progress, and identifying potential cost saving measures to minimize cleanup costs. We provide design-build construction for the following projects:

  • Roads and Parking Lots Design and Construction
  • Upgrade of Building Electrical Systems
  • Street Lighting Design and Installation
  • Heavy Civil Construction (Grading, Soil excavation with Shoring Systems, Stormwater Drainage Systems Installation & Maintenance)
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Construction of Covers and Secondary Containment Systems
  • Installation of Piping, Gas, Lighting, Gauges and Electrical Utilities
  • General Electrical and HVAC Systems Design and Installation
  • Construction of Berms and Trench Drains
  • Planting, Erosion Protection, and Levee Repair
  • Pavement Removal/ Replacement
  • Installation of Fences and Security Walls
  • Utility Upgrades and Relocation
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Installation
  • Building Demolition
  • New Building Construction (framing, drywall, flooring, doors & windows)
  • Site/ Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Turnkey construction solutions
  • Sediment Remediation – design, regulatory approval, and implementation
  • Landfill Cap (design, permitting, and construction)
  • Soil excavation and on-site thermal treatment
  • Soil Excavation and off-site disposal
  • Brownfields/ Site Re-development
  • Decontamination and Demolition

Featured Projects

Soil Remedial Action using Excavation and Off-site Disposal

Mare Island Building 742 Soil Removal

Excavation and Removal of Asbestos Containing Soil, and Debris

Excavation and Removal of Impacted Soil from Hot Spot Areas

Installation of Advanced Lighting Switches and Controls in Various Building

Installation of Pedestrian and Parking Lot Solar Lighting System

Design & Construction of a Landfill Cap

Installation of an Erosion Control System

Radiological Survey and Demolition of Building 346

Removal of Soil Impacted by Arsenic, Lead and Organic Lead